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Welcome to Allergy Advocacy

Welcome to the Allergy Advocacy Association website.  We are here to help better serve any individuals concerned with issues relating to allergies and anaphylaxis.

Parents press for more available allergy antidote

Jon Terry Speaks In Albany May 4, 2016

We received a lot of nice publicity from our recent Allergy Awareness event in Albany. Our founder, Jon Terry, spoke at a press conference and an article was published in the Democrat and Chronicle. Many thanks go to all ...

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Allergies come in all shapes and sizes ...

Just like allergy sufferers. And they are on the rise. For many people allergies can range from sniffling and sneezing to skin rashes to gastrointestinal issues. A certain percentage, however, have more than these uncomfortable symptoms to deal with. Anaphylaxis, a serious life-threatening reaction, causes approximately 1,500 deaths a year in the United States alone. Clearly, allergies are nothing to sneeze at!

Articles for Advocacy

New York State EMS Moves Ahead to Reduce Costs

Dr. Jeremy Cushman
Dr. Jeremy Cushman

We are pleased to report that much progress has been made in regard to New York’s Check and Inject Program, originally known as the “Syringe Epinephrine Kit Program.” Eighteen Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Councils are now participating, enabling thousands of emergency medical technicians (EMTs) to administer epinephrine with a special syringe instead of the more expensive epinephrine auto injectors. Previously, only EMTs with advanced training (Advanced EMT’s or Paramedics) could use the syringes. Once the pilot program is completed by the end of the year, there should be sufficient data for the State Emergency Medical Advisory Committee to make a recommendation to the State Health Commissioner to further expand the program.

Read the article here.


Allergy’s High Anxiety: How to Tame Kids’ Fears of Food Reactions

Allergic Living Magazine Issue On Stress
Too many kids and parents are consumed by food allergy stress. At last, mental health experts are finding answers to make allergies a much more livable diagnosis. (From Allergic Living magazine.)

For those who don’t face the daily fear of anaphylaxis due to severe food allergies, it may come as a surprise to learn that many parents and children experience symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder following a diagnosis or allergic reaction. Many allergy clinics are now bringing on psychologists to assist patients and their parents so they don’t become captives to anxiety, and to teach them how to learn to live with the disease. Techniques range from very frank discussions to wellness and cognitive behavioral approaches.

Allergy’s High Anxiety: How to Tame Kids’ Fears of Food Reactions

By Mary Esselman
May 1st, 2016

ANITA Law’s daughter has multiple food allergies, but Law thought she had allergy management well under control. Then in August 2013, her daughter Zoey had three anaphylactic reactions to two new food allergens in the space of two weeks. The world of this family, who live just west of Ottawa, Canada, was rocked to the core.

Read the article here.

Nanoparticle Shuts Off Allergic Reaction to Allergens

Logo of Northwestern University Fineberg School Of Medicine

Could nanoparticles be the solution to preventing an allergic reaction or asthma attack? Researchers at Northwestern University are getting positive results using very small particles composed of an FDA-approved biopolymer called PLGA that includes lactic acid and glycolic acid. When an allergen-loaded nanoparticle was injected into the bloodstream of mice, the immune system wasn't concerned with it because it saw the particle as innocuous debris and an attack was avoided. Clinical trials in humans will begin soon.

Read the article here.


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