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Welcome to the Allergy Advocacy Association website.  We are here to help better serve any individuals concerned with issues relating to allergies and anaphylaxis.

Open letter to Malia Obama


By Jon Terry
January 13th, 2017

The deaths of young adults from anaphylaxis is a major concern for our association.  We need national leadership on this issue.  Who better than one of the most prominent public figures with peanut allergy in that age group.  That is why Jon Terry has asked Malia Obama for help.

Read the letter here.

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Allergies come in all shapes and sizes ...

Just like allergy sufferers. And they are on the rise. For many people allergies can range from sniffling and sneezing to skin rashes to gastrointestinal issues. A certain percentage, however, have more than these uncomfortable symptoms to deal with. Anaphylaxis, a serious life-threatening reaction, causes approximately 1,500 deaths a year in the United States alone. Clearly, allergies are nothing to sneeze at!

Articles for Advocacy

Parents View New Peanut Guidelines with Guilt and Skepticism

PeanutButter Sandwich With Glass Of Chocolat Milk
Credit Philip Greenberg for The New York Times

With the start of 2017 the news media has been full of articles reporting the new guidelines, issued by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases recommend giving babies puréed food or finger food containing peanut powder or extract before they are 6 months old, and even earlier if a child is prone to allergies and doctors say it is safe to do so. However, many parents of peanut allergic children remain very skeptical.

By Roni Caryn Rabin and Rachel Rabkin Peachman
January 12th, 2017

When Nicole Lepke’s son was born, she listened to her pediatrician and kept peanuts away until the age of 2, but the toddler still developed a severe peanut allergy when he finally tried them.

Now, 12 years later, health experts have reversed their advice on peanuts, urging parents to begin feeding foods containing peanut powder or extract during infancy in hopes of reducing a child’s risk for allergy.

Read the article here.

Kindness Is a Choice — Thank You to One Special Flight Attendant

If you have a food allergic child, you know how much fear and anxiety can present itself whenever you must travel on an airliner. Advocates for raising awareness of the dangers of anaphylaxis have worked diligently to change protocols and attitudes about peanuts and air travel. Lianne Mandelbaum, the “No Nut Traveler,” shares one story with a safe and happy ending.

Lianne Mandelbaum And Son Josh
Lianne Mandelbaum and her son Josh

By Lianne Mandelbaum
January 3rd, 2017

Dear Head Flight Attendant on Air Canada Flight 85,

You may remember me as the mother of a boy who has a severe peanut allergy. We were on your Toronto bound flight on December 29th from Tel Aviv. I know you were aware that our flight, which took off at 7PM, was originally supposed to take off about seven hours earlier, but what I am sure you don’t realize is the unique stress that this delay caused our family.

Read the article here.

The Bursting Reality of Latex Allergies

Latex Allergy Warning Sign

Despite the relatively small number of people in America at risk, the prevalence, and severity, of latex allergies has been growing steadily for several years. While changes have been made overtime to remove latex products from public places including hospitals, many individuals are unaware of just how common the material is.

For an informative overview of the current situation, please read “10 Teachers Share How They Really Feel About Your Kids’ Allergies.”

Sarah Bedford, Editor-in-Chief
The Wilkes Beacon
January 3, 2017

Arachnophobia. Ophidiophobia. Acrophobia. These are the some of the most common fears people have. But for a Wilkes University sophomore, the thing that scares her most is the sound of balloons being inflated.

Read the article here.

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