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Big Jon's Holiday Gratitude List

Xmas Saying From Da Grinch 2016

As we wind up yet another year, it’s the perfect time to sit back and reflect on all that has been accomplished in 2016. But of course nothing would have been possible without the hard work and support we receive every day from so many in our community. Here’s our founder Jon Terry’s list of people and organizations that have been especially helpful this past year in reaching our ongoing vision of “Not another life lost to anaphylaxis - not another life lost ANY life-threatening allergies!”

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Allergies come in all shapes and sizes ...

Just like allergy sufferers. And they are on the rise. For many people allergies can range from sniffling and sneezing to skin rashes to gastrointestinal issues. A certain percentage, however, have more than these uncomfortable symptoms to deal with. Anaphylaxis, a serious life-threatening reaction, causes approximately 1,500 deaths a year in the United States alone. Clearly, allergies are nothing to sneeze at!

Articles for Advocacy

Young Children With Food Allergies Are More Likely to Develop Asthma or Rhinitis

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Researchers at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia have found an unfortunate connection between children with food allergies and those who develop respiratory allergies during the first five years of life. They found the odds of developing asthma or rhinitis were more than two times greater for food allergy patients than for patients who did not have a food allergy. Also, other studies have reported that about one-third of children with moderate to severe eczema have well-documented food allergies.

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Many Families in the Dark about Cheaper EpiPen Alternative

Generic Epinephrine Injector USP packages

Did you know there is a less expensive alternative to Mylan’s EpiPen? A generic epinephrine auto injector of another brand called the Adrenaclick, it has been on the market since 2013. The cash price is as much as $430 cheaper than the EpiPen. But it’s important that your doctor write the prescription in a certain way or the pharmacist won’t be able to fill it with the less expensive brand. The prescription should say “‘the generic epinephrine auto injector,” not “EpiPen or generic equivalent.”

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School Staff Know More Than They Think They Do About Treating Anaphylaxis

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In a recent study in Colorado, non-nurse school staff was asked how confident they felt about recognizing and treating the symptoms of anaphylaxis. Only 18% felt very confident in their ability to recognize and treat a severe allergic reaction, but when asked to complete a survey, the staff members were able to answer correctly about 72 percent of 12 knowledge-based questions, and 87 percent were able to identify the correct sequence of actions to take. Let’s hope this holds true in school districts throughout the country and that even more school personnel can be trained.

November 11th, 2016

Study shows 87 percent knew what to do in an emergency

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (November 11, 2016) – A study being presented at the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI) Annual Scientific Meeting found only 18 percent of non-nurse school staff surveyed felt very confident in their ability to recognize anaphylaxis symptoms....

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