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Welcome to Allergy Advocacy

Welcome to the Allergy Advocacy Association website.  We are here to help better serve any individuals concerned with issues relating to allergies and anaphylaxis.

UPDATE: Allergy Safety on NYS School Buses

Kids Getting On School Bus

School busses are two steps closer to being safer for children who suffer from life-threatening allergies ...

Read the article here.

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Allergies come in all shapes and sizes ...

Just like allergy sufferers. And they are on the rise. For many people allergies can range from sniffling and sneezing to skin rashes to gastrointestinal issues. A certain percentage, however, have more than these uncomfortable symptoms to deal with. Anaphylaxis, a serious life-threatening reaction, causes approximately 1,500 deaths a year in the United States alone. Clearly, allergies are nothing to sneeze at!

Articles for Advocacy

Movie Review: Richard Gere as “Norman

By Jon Terry
June 16th, 2017

When I founded the Allergy Advocacy Association seven years ago, I knew I would have to open myself up to any number of new experiences. Why did I decide to do this? Because I was determined to do whatever it takes to raise awareness of the dangers of anaphylaxis. Before January 2011, Web sites, newsletters, power point presentations, public events, and allergy conferences never entered my mind. To become an effective public advocate I would have to talk with many different kinds of people, develop better interpersonal skills, travel to new places, improve my IT network, etc. I think that a good public advocate must be articulate, polite, a good listener, patient, open-minded, and persistent. And I would like to think that I have learned how to do at least some of these new things well.

Read the article here.

Special Report: What Restaurants are Getting Right and Wrong on Food Allergies

Jennifer Stack with Mary Ross Kyle Nguyen

By: Ishani Nath
June 8, 2017
Allergic Living

When you dine out with food allergies or celiac disease, the big question is: Does this restaurant know how to feed me safely? In this special report from Allergic Living magazine, we speak to leading chefs, training experts and the next generation of restaurant pros, to discover the true state of food allergy accommodations.

Pete Wells has reviewed more than 200 restaurants for The New York Times, but the food critic won’t soon forget the meal he had at Chef Mario Batali’s La Sirena in June 2016 – and unfortunately, that isn’t because of the food. Wells’ son Dexter had accompanied his father on reviews in the past, and was eager to do so again. Wells figured that with its array of easy-to-please Italian offerings, La Sirena was the perfect spot for a family meal.

Read the article here.

Outcry Over EpiPen Prices Hasn’t Made Them Lower

Activists Protest Cost of Meds

By Charles Duhigg
June 4th, 2017

 A few weeks ago, after some particularly incompetent parenting on my part (nuts in the dessert, a rushed trip to an emergency room after my child’s allergic reaction), I visited the local pharmacy to fill an EpiPen prescription.

You might recall EpiPen as last year’s poster child for out-of-control drug prices. Though this simple medical device contains only about $1 of the drug epinephrine, the company that sells it, Mylan, earned the public’s enmity and lawmakers’ scrutiny after ratcheting up prices to $609 a box.

Read the article here.



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