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Big Jon's Holiday Gratitude List

As we wind up yet another year, it’s the perfect time to sit back and reflect on all that has been accomplished in 2016. But of course nothing would have been possible without the hard work and support we receive every day from so many in our community. Here’s our founder Jon Terry’s list of people and organizations that have been especially helpful this past year in reaching our ongoing vision of “Not another life lost to anaphylaxis - not another life lost ANY life-threatening allergies!”

Big Jon's Allergy Advocacy Association Holiday Gratitude List

Xmas Saying From Da Grinch 2016

By Jon Terry
December 7, 2016

Happy Holidays! I sincerely hope all of our readers have had a great year and are looking forward to 2017. At this particular time of year it is a regular occurrence for individuals and organizations to offer up gratitude lists of various sorts. Most lists recount events from the past year that were particularly hopeful or meaningful. That is pretty much what I want to share with all the supporters and affiliates of the Allergy Advocacy Association. I firmly believe that we do have a lot to feel grateful about. Please see my “thank you” list below.

  1. Thank you to all of our staff and members of our board of directors for all of their time and expertise in support of our advocacy efforts.
  2. Thank you to the allergists who have volunteered their valuable time to participate in our public events and presentations.
  3. Thank you to all the members of Food Allergies Coping Teaching Supporting and the Greater Buffalo Food Allergy Alliance. These two family support groups are doing invaluable work for all of their members here in western New York.
  4. Thank you to Dr. Jeremy Cushman and Dr. Michael Dailey for their leadership conducting the Check and Inject pilot program here in New York State.
    Eighteen emergency medical service districts participated in the program demonstrating how using pre-marked syringes and vials of epinephrine instead of epinephrine auto-injector devices could greatly reduce costs for EMS organizations. Hopefully the state health department will fully approve and initiate Check and Inject in 2017.
  5. Thank you to Governor Andrew Cuomo and the NYS Legislature for enacting the Emergency Allergy Treatment Act of 2016 sponsored by Assemblyman Tom Abinanti and Senator Kemp Hannon. This bill would authorize, but not mandate, public venues such as restaurants, youth organizations, sports leagues, theme parks, sport arenas, day care and educational facilities to stock and administer epinephrine auto-injectors in an emergency to individuals who appear to experience anaphylactic symptoms. Improved public access to non-specific doses of epinephrine will help save the lives of countless individuals with life-threatening allergies.
  6. Thank you to all the volunteers who attended the Food Allergy and Awareness Day in Albany last May. The combined efforts with Food Allergies Research and Education and our association helped raise awareness of the dangers of anaphylaxis in NYS with lawmakers and administrators alike.
  7. Thank you to the Rochester Red Wings baseball team for providing a seating section at Frontier Field that is alcohol free and “peanut-aware!” The new section was introduced last July during Food Allergies and Anaphylaxis Day at the ball park.
  8. Thank you to everyone who made a donation to our Remembering Ruthie fund raising campaign. Your generous support is very greatly appreciated!
  9. Thank you to all the visitors to our Web site and Facebook page, and to all the readers of our e-newsletter. Your encouragement for and participation in our advocacy efforts is essential to all of our future endeavors.

    Very best wishes to everyone for a very safe and happy holiday season!

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