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Magician Alan Hudson Headlines Action Awards Virtual Celebration

Alan Hudson's Virtual Magic Show advertisement

For our annual Action Awards Celebration, the Allergy Advocacy Association is delighted to present magician and comedian Alan Hudson, our special guest entertainer on our ZOOM broadcast Wednesday, Oct. 20, 7pm.... Read the article here.

E-Greetings from the Allergy Advocacy Association

October 2018

Autumn greetings! You never know when you might be called upon to save a life. It could happen at a school, restaurant, ball game or anywhere a person could be having an anaphylaxis attack due to a bee sting or food allergy. If an EpiPen is available you will want to know how to use it, as by the time an ambulance arrives it might be too late.

The Allergy Advocacy Association would like to invite all interested parties to a FREE training seminar for administration of epinephrine in an anaphylaxis emergency. It will be held Monday, October 22nd from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. at St. John Fisher College. Dr. Shahzad Mustafa will present our Epi Near You New York training program, approved by New York State’s Department of Health. Due to limited seating, we’re asking for reservations. Please respond at your earliest convenience. Contact us, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 585-319-6848.

Halloween will be arriving soon! Please consider handing out nut-free treats and displaying a teal colored pumpkin to indicate you are handing out allergy-free candy. As one mother said, “I’d like to say thank you to all who take time to put a teal pumpkin out and get allergy free treats. From a mom with a child that has food allergies, I’d just like you to know how much it means to know people care!

Jon Terry
Founder, Allergy Advocacy Association

Allergy Advocacy Association Wins 2018 FARE Vision Award

We don’t do all our work to help prevent deaths from anaphylaxis just to win awards, but it’s certainly nice to be recognized. We are pleased to announce that our founder, Jon Terry, has won the prestigious Vision Award from FARE, the Food Allergies Research and Education organization. The award is given in appreciation for all the Allergy Advocacy Association’s efforts to pass legislation involving the stocking of epinephrine in schools, providing day care guidelines for food allergy management, and working at food allergy awareness days for legislators in Albany. You can read all the accolades here:

Allergy Advocacy Association Wins 2018 FARE Vision Award

FARE 2017 Vision Awards Display

By Suzanne Driscoll
October 17th, 2018

The Allergy Advocacy Association has won an important honor from Food Allergies Research and Education (FARE), a nationwide non-profit supporting families with life-threatening allergies. Jon Terry, the association's founder, has been awarded the FARE Vision Outstanding Advocacy Impact Award for 2018. (In 2015 our association was also awarded an important advocacy award from the Allergy and Asthma Network.)

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November Allergy Action Awards Gala Update

November Allergy Action Awards Gala Update

Join us for our first annual Rochester Community Action Awards event! It will be held Thursday, November 15 from 6-9 p.m. at ARTISANworks on Blossom Road in Rochester. Read here to find out who the first well-deserved recipients of the awards will be. We could really use your help to find sponsors for the event and items for a silent auction. Please contact Patrick Morris at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any suggestions.

We sincerely thank you and will look forward to seeing you on November 15!

GALA Awards Event Vertical logo

October 17th, 2018
Allergy Advocacy Association’s
Rochester Community Action Awards
First Annual Fundraising Gala

This event will honor leaders of our community who have made invaluable contributions to advocacy, management and research of life-threatening allergies.

Thursday, November 15, 2018
6 – 9 pm
565 Blossom Road
Rochester, NY 14610

Our featured honorees are:

Dr. John J. Condemi
We are pleased to honor Dr. Condemi with our very first John J. Condemi Award for his leading role in anaphylaxis research, treatment and advocacy in the Rochester area.

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EAI Device Incident Sparks Concern on NJ Campus

It’s very sad to learn that public safety officials at Seton Hall University as well as local police officers were so afraid of a lawsuit that they refused to administer epinephrine to a student experiencing anaphylaxis. Fortunately the student’s friend was willing to administer it, as by the time an ambulance arrived it might have been too late. The university now realizes training of public safety officers needs to take place and have been in contact with the Department of Health Services to arrange it. No mention is made of training for the South Orange Police Department.

EAI Device Incident Sparks Concern on NJ Campus

Steton Hall University logo

By Staff Writer Nicholas Kerr
October 3rd, 2018

A Seton Hall University student is alleging her health and safety were put at risk two weeks ago when Public Safety and the South Orange Police Department (SOPD) failed to administer an EpiPen to counter an allergic reaction.

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