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Magician Alan Hudson Headlines Action Awards Virtual Celebration

Alan Hudson's Virtual Magic Show advertisement

For our annual Action Awards Celebration, the Allergy Advocacy Association is delighted to present magician and comedian Alan Hudson, our special guest entertainer on our ZOOM broadcast Wednesday, Oct. 20, 7pm.... Read the article here.

E-Greetings from the Allergy Advocacy Association

December, 2018

Our first Allergy Action Awards Gala was a big success. The setting at ARTISANworks was very entertaining with works of art covering all the walls, and despite a November snowstorm we had a good turnout. Awards were presented to the FACTS support group and to Dr. John Condemi for all their work in helping people to manage their allergies and prevent anaphylaxis. With music, videos, and a great silent auction, it was certainly a night to remember.

A sincere thank you goes to all who supported us at the event. We know there are a lot of non-profits asking for your help this time of year, and we sincerely appreciate any donation you would like to make to help protect children at summer camps and day care centers by supplying them with epinephrine auto-injector (EAI) devices to use in an emergency. Simply click on the Remembering Ruthie link on our website,, or mail a check to:

Allergy Advocacy Association
97 Bev Circle
Brockport, NY 14420

On behalf of the children in our community, we thank you!

Please join us on Friday, December 21st at 7 p.m. for the Rochester Amerks hockey game at Blue Cross Arena. It will be a special night honoring Brian Gionta, a former all-star player with the Buffalo Sabres. Brian will be signing autographs, meeting fans, visiting with members of our association and with corporate sponsors. There will even be a once in a lifetime opportunity to bid on a signed and framed Sabres items signed by Gionta himself!

As we make our plans and set our goals for the New Year, we would love to hear your thoughts on how we're doing, as well as your suggestions for services we can provide to help keep everyone safe. Feel free to drop us a note at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or post something on our Facebook page,

We wish you and yours much happiness and good health for the holiday season!

The Holiday Gratitude List for our Association

As we wind up yet another year, it’s the perfect time to sit back and reflect on all that has been accomplished in 2018. But of course nothing would have been possible without the hard work and support we receive every day from so many in our community. Here’s our founder Jon Terry’s list of people and organizations that have been especially helpful this past year in reaching our ongoing vision of “Not another life lost to anaphylaxis - not another life lost ANY life-threatening allergies!”

The Holiday Gratitude List for our Association

SeasonsGreetings JonTerry A3Staff 361x241
Photo Credit — Kristen Zale

By Jon Terry
December 14th, 2018

Happy Holidays! I sincerely hope all our readers have had a great year and are looking forward to 2019. At this time of year it is a regular occurrence for individuals and organizations to offer up gratitude lists of various sorts. Most lists recount events from the past year that were particularly hopeful or meaningful. That is pretty much what I want to share with all the supporters and affiliates of the Allergy Advocacy Association. I firmly believe that we do have a lot to feel grateful about. Please see my “thank you” list below.

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FACTS Support Group Wins Ruthie T. Cornell Award

FACTS Support Group Wins Ruthie T. Cornell Award

A high point of the Allergy Advocacy Association’s Awards Gala was the presentation of the first Ruthie T. Cornell Award to the Food Allergies Coping Teaching Supporting (FACTS) organization. Founded in 2003 by Joy Leinenbach, the organization has worked tirelessly to support families who have children with severe allergies. Guest speakers are invited to their bi-monthly meetings, and Joy and other members give presentations throughout the community to bus drivers, restaurant workers, and teachers and administrators. But their main goal is to offer support to families and to learn from each other. Keep up the great work!

Amy Wagner (Left), Joy Leinenbach
Amy Wagner (L) and Joy Leinenbach.
Photo Credit — Kristen Zale

November 15th, 2018

Food Allergies Coping Teaching Supporting (FACTS), a family food allergy and anaphylaxis support group, was awarded the Ruth T. Cornell Award by the Allergy Advocacy Association at their very first Allergy Action Awards ceremony. The gala was held at the ARTISANworks exhibit and entertainment space in Rochester, NY. Classical music DJ and Rochester radio VIP Brenda Tremblay presided as the MC. Jon Terry, founder of the association and an active member of FACTS, acted as host and presented the award.

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John J. Condemi, MD Wins Community Award on His 87th Birthday

A nationally-known and beloved Rochester allergist, Dr. John Condemi, received the first Condemi Award for Outstanding Community Engagement and Volunteer Service for his many years of enhancing medical treatments and research efforts. It was the perfect occasion to celebrate his 87th birthday, and his many accomplishments are listed in this article. Dr. Condemi spoke fondly of coming from a Sicilian immigrant family and he hoped that other immigrants will have the same opportunities he did. While leaving the building after the gala he was asked about the potential for peanut patches, etc. to help prevent allergic reactions in children. He replied, “We are getting very close.”

Brenda Tremblay (Left) and Dr. John Condemi
Brenda Tremblay (L) and John J. Condemi, MD.
Photo Credit – Kristen Zale

November 17th, 2018

John J. Condemi, MD was guest of honor at the Allergy Advocacy Association's Allergy Action Awards ceremony on Thursday, November 15th. The gala was held at the ARTISANworks exhibit and entertainment space in Rochester, NY. Classical music DJ and Rochester radio VIP Brenda Tremblay presided as the "Mistress of Ceremonies and Song Leader Extraordinaire." Jon Terry, founder of the association, acted as host and presented the John J. Condemi Award to its namesake and first honoree.

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