IOA Helps Improve Access to EAI Devices in Indiana

Tabitha Arnett, Indiana Osteopathic Association's Executive Director

We know that anaphylaxis, the life-threatening allergic reaction, can be successfully treated with an epinephrine auto-injector (EAI). Without an EAI, the results are often tragic. Many families that have experienced this tragedy are working to promote awareness of anaphylaxis and the need for improved access to EAIs....   Read the article here.

E-Greetings from the Allergy Advocacy Association

July, 2019

Summer greetings! We hope you are enjoying the nice weather and avoiding all the bugs! We could really use your help in contacting Gov. Andrew Cuomo in support of “Gio’s Law” that would authorize certain law enforcement officers and firefighters to possess and administer epinephrine. Many times these officials are the first to arrive on the scene of an emergency, and with anaphylaxis every minute counts. You can find the Governor’s contact information in Article 1.

This law is named in memory of Giovanni Cipriano who died in 2013 after eating a snack mix containing peanuts. If he had lived longer he might have been able to take advantage of oral immunotherapy that was successfully used by Katia Flavin of Syracuse recently. Now peanut allergy free, you can read her amazing story below.

Lastly, would you be willing to open your home to 15 year old Hector from Spain this school year? He is allergic to tree fruits but loves basketball, American football, soccer, skiing, debate, television production and playing guitar. Hector is very curious to know what Prom and Homecoming are like! You can contact Suzanne Driscoll at 585-732-7438 for more information.

Here’s wishing you a wonderful rest of the summer!

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