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Q&A with Sung Poblete: Programs Aim to Reduce Epinephrine Costs...

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Although epinephrine could be a lifesaving drug... costs can make obtaining its protection difficult.  Read the article here.

E-Greetings from the Allergy Advocacy Association

December 2019

Happy Holidays! As we make our plans and set our goals for the New Year, we would love to hear your thoughts on how we're doing, as well as your suggestions for services we can provide to help keep everyone safe. Feel free to drop us a note at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or post something on our Facebook page, Facebook.com/allergyadvocacy.

We wish you and yours much happiness and good health for the holiday season! 

Looking for a worthy cause to make a donation to? We humbly suggest our "Remembering Ruthie" fundraising campaign. Please use our Website to register as a new member of our association. We need your help to save lives from diagnosed and undiagnosed life threatening allergies thru our Epi Near You New York anaphylaxis emergency training program. Here is the link leading you to our donations page. We are very grateful for any support you may choose to help

Throughout the 2019, the Allergy Advocacy Association has continued to educate our community about preventing anaphylaxis emergencies. Our Epi Near You New York (ENYNY) anaphylaxis emergency program is state approved and provides up-to-date information and training. If you are interested in scheduling a FREE seminar and wish to view our list of volunteer presenters and Epi Near You New York training participants, please see this Epi Near You New York (ENYNY) Webpage.

ENYNY volunteers:
Sandy Glantz, Family Nurse Practitioner
Dr. Kirsi Järvinen-Seppo, Chief of Pediatric Allergy/Immunology URMC Golisano Children's Hospital
Dr. Anitha Shrikhande, Westside Allergy Care
Dr. Shahzad Mustafa, Rochester Regional Health Allergy/Immunology & Rheumatology
Dr. Theresa Bingemann, Rochester Regional Health Allergy/Immunology & Rheumatology
Dr. Puja Sood Rajani, URMC Golisano Children’s Hospital
Lynne Muth, Registered Nurse
Audrey Seibert, Registered Nurse

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Big Jon's Holiday Gratitude List '19

As we wind up yet another year, it’s the perfect time to sit back and reflect on all that has been accomplished in 2019. But of course nothing would have been possible without the hard work and support we receive every day from so many in our community. Here’s our founder Jon Terry’s list of people and organizations that have been especially helpful this past year in reaching our ongoing vision of “Not another life lost to anaphylaxis - not another life lost ANY life-threatening allergies!”

Big Jon's Holiday Gratitude List '19

Allergy Advocacy Association Gala 2019 Group Photo
Photo Credit - Kristen Zale

By Jon Terry
December 10, 2019

Happy Holidays! I sincerely hope all of our readers have had a great year and are looking forward to 2020. At this particular time of year it is a regular occurrence for individuals and organizations to offer up gratitude lists of various sorts. Most lists recount events from the past year that were particularly hopeful or meaningful. That is pretty much what I want to share with all the supporters and affiliates of the Allergy Advocacy Association. I firmly believe that we do have a lot to feel grateful about. Please see my “thank you” list below.

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NYS Governor Cuomo Enacts "Elijah's Law"

NYS Governor Cuomo Enacts "Elijah's Law"

Concerning successful advocacy during 2019 here in New York State, congratulations to Thomas and Dima Silvera for a successful effort honoring their son Elijah. The Silvera family is a power of example for the Allergy Advocacy Association.

Those attending Elijah’s Law ceremony in New York included: Rep. Al Taylor (blue suit), Sen. Brian Benjamin (speaking) and (right) Dina and Thomas Silvera.

Elijah’s Law Is Official, Protecting Food Allergy Kids in NY Daycares

By: Mariam Matti
September 14, 2019

Thomas and Dina Silvera held a “bittersweet” celebration on Friday, Sept. 13, in honor of Elijah’s Law becoming New York State legislation with the signature of Governor Andrew Cuomo a day earlier.

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Food Allergy Advocates Celebrate Courage at Record-Setting Summit

The Contains:Courage® FARE Summit 2019 was held Nov. 1-3 at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center near Washington, D.C. This dynamic summit meeting drew over 1,000 participants. Tweens, teens and adults living with food allergy came together with family members, health professionals and other allies in the nation’s largest ever educational food allergy event for families.

Food Allergy Advocates Celebrate Courage at Record-Setting Summit

FARE Contains Courage Conference 2019 Poster

Edited by Toni Taylor and Jon Terry
Allergy Advocacy Association Co-Founders
November 20th, 2019

Dealing with life threatening allergies by patiently, courageously putting one foot in front of the other for the long haul, eventually achieves the desired result. This year’s Food Allergy Research and Education teen conference was a great reminder of this. There were some exciting updates in the areas of product development, advocacy, and research.

This event was a timely reminder that those dealing with anaphylaxis cannot be reduced to their allergies. In addition to courageous, they are accomplished self-advocates, creative, curious, and entrepreneurial. 

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