How can anaphylaxis be prevented?

Unfortunately despite much diligence, sometimes extreme allergic reactions cannot be avoided.  However, depending on the allergy there are steps you can take:

leafbulletAsk about the ingredients of food dishes and inform friends, family and restaurants of specific allergies.  Read all food labels when eating at home.

leafbulletTake medications by mouth as there tend to be fewer reactions that way than from injections.  Make sure all health care personnel know the allergy history.

leafbulletDon’t wear anything like perfume, hair spray or bright colors that could attract insects.   Cover up with long sleeves, pants and shoes to keep exposed skin to a minimum.

leafbulletStay away from latex products—and make sure health care providers do too.

leafbulletWear a medic alert bracelet that lists trigger(s) and any medications being taken that might reduce the effectiveness of epinephrine (like beta-blockers).


Good to Know

Allergy shots can be effective in eliminating reactions to insect stings while desensitization to penicillin, sulfa, and other drugs by slowly ingesting larger amounts over time may be possible.  These interventions must be done under the supervision of a physician usually in a medical facility.

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