Allergy Advocacy Association Wins 2018 FARE Vision Award

We don’t do all our work to help prevent deaths from anaphylaxis just to win awards, but it’s certainly nice to be recognized. We are pleased to announce that our founder, Jon Terry, has won the prestigious Vision Award from FARE, the Food Allergies Research and Education organization. The award is given in appreciation for all the Allergy Advocacy Association’s efforts to pass legislation involving the stocking of epinephrine in schools, providing day care guidelines for food allergy management, and working at food allergy awareness days for legislators in Albany. You can read all the accolades here:

Allergy Advocacy Association Wins 2018 FARE Vision Award

FARE 2017 Vision Awards Display

By Suzanne Driscoll
October 17th, 2018

The Allergy Advocacy Association has won an important honor from Food Allergies Research and Education (FARE), a nationwide non-profit supporting families with life-threatening allergies. Jon Terry, the association's founder, has been awarded the FARE Vision Outstanding Advocacy Impact Award for 2018. (In 2015 our association was also awarded an important advocacy award from the Allergy and Asthma Network.)

The FARE Vision Awards recognize individuals and entities who support FARE in its mission to improve the quality of life and the health of individuals with food allergies, and to provide them hope through the promise of new treatments.

The Outstanding Advocacy Impact Award is presented to an individual or group of advocates who, through significant public action, have impacted policymakers and legislative efforts to improve access and quality of life for the food allergy community.

When the Allergy Advocacy Association was nominated for FARE's advocacy award, the citation read:

"After his sister tragically passed away from anaphylaxis, Jon established the Allergy Advocacy Association and became one of FARE’s most reliable volunteer leaders in statewide advocacy. He has lead work on stocking epinephrine in schools, teacher training on epinephrine use, and day care guidelines for food allergy management, and served as a co-sponsor of FARE’s food allergy awareness days for legislators in Albany. He and his organization are a key reason FARE has seen legislative victories in New York."

Previous Vision award winners include Jessica Davila-Burnett, Caroline Moassessi, Becky Basalone, Trish Gavankar, Erica Andert and Anne Thompson. The fifth annual FARE Vision Awards will be presented on November 4, 2018 at FARECon featuring a Teen Summit in Washington DC.

Here is the response from Jon Terry:

"On behalf of the Allergy Advocacy Association, I am very honored to accept the FARE Vision Outstanding Advocacy Impact Award. This award is a very positive acknowledgement of the patient and persistent efforts of our association's board of directors, staff members and volunteers. Their support has been instrumental in furthering our program of awareness, alertness and action preventing anaphylaxis deaths from life-threatening allergies. The vision of our association is a clear and direct one: Not another life lost to anaphylaxis; not another life lost to ANY life-threatening allergies!”

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