E-Greetings from the Allergy Advocacy Association

April 2023

While we are in the final preparations for Food Allergy Awareness Day in Albany on May 2, it helps to think of advocacy for those with life-threatening allergies as a journey, not a destination. Everyone in our organization works to continue the work, raising awareness and taking action. Another traveler on this journey, Lianne Mandelbaum of No Nut Traveler, tells the story of a confrontational encounter with airline staff while boarding a plane, which put her food allergic son at risk and resulted in a complaint filed with the Department of Transportation. Building upon the success of peanut OIT, fellow traveler Dave Bloom highlights Canadian research showing that tree nut OIT can be safely used to treat preschoolers with food allergies. Part of this journey is ongoing education of skeptics of the importance of our work. Former skeptic, writer Jana Pollack, tells us of her conversion upon the birth of her child. With your support, we will stay on this journey to create safe environments by raising awareness and encouraging action. So far, progress against ignorance and apathy is encouraging. Along the way, we pause to honor what has been accomplished and continue the effort to create a safe environment for those living with allergies.

What is anaphylaxis? How would you recognize an anaphylaxis emergency?  And would you know what are the right things to do? For many people, even those that have a life-threatening allergy, the answer is no. 

The Allergy Advocacy Association has a solution: Epi Near You New York anaphylaxis emergency training program.  This life saving program can be delivered via webinar or face-to-face. 

Upon completion you receive:

  • Free state approved training presentation,
  • New York State recognized certification, and
  • Assistance for public entities to obtain a non-patient specific prescription for emergency epinephrine

Find more information on the importance of this training program here.

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Best wishes to one and all!