Dillon Mueller Memorial Fund Helps Save Lives

Dillon Mueller on Dirt Bike

By the time he turned 18 years old, Dillon Mueller of Mishicot, Wisconsin had already spent years making an impression on his family, friends, and community.... He was an award-winning dirt bike racer since the age of 6, an Eagle Scout, and a member of Future Farmers of America....

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Monroe County NY Legislature Honors Allergy Advocacy Association

MonroeCountyNY Seal 200x200 Gathering after Monroe County Legislative Proclamation

It was certainly a busy month in November for your Allergy Advocacy Association. In addition to the gala and a feature article in the Democrat and Chronicle, we received a proclamation from Monroe County legislators in recognition of all our efforts to keep our community members with life-threatening allergies safe. The proclamation specifically mentioned our efforts to help pass the New York State Emergency Allergy Treatment Act, allowing restaurants and other public venues to stock epinephrine. We were very pleased to be recognized and plan to accomplish even more in the New Year.

Monroe County NY Legislature Honors Allergy Advocacy Association
Issues Proclamation of Recognition and Appreciation

November 13th, 2018

During the November meeting of the Monroe County Legislature, a proclamation was issued recognizing the Allergy Advocacy Association. Dr. Joe Carbone, president of the county legislature, presented the award to Jon Terry, founder of the association. Mike Zale, representative for Legislature District 20, was the primary sponsor and Mike Rockow from District 2 acted as the co-sponsor.

Here is a quotation from the text of the legislature's proclamation:

"Thanks to their efforts, the Allergy Advocacy Association has made our community safer for those who are aware of their severe allergy and for those who may not even be aware they may be at risk of a life-threatening reaction.

"We thank the Allergy Advocacy Association for educating the public, raising awareness, and working to prevent anaphylaxis deaths from life-threatening allergies.

"As a result of their advocacy for the New York State Emergency Allergy Treatment Act, businesses are now able to stock and administer epinephrine to those having a reaction.”

"Our association is very grateful to Dr. Joe Carbone, Mike Rockow and particularly Mike Zale for arranging this award," said Jon Terry. "This recognition of our work here in western New York will help our public educational efforts at raising awareness of anaphylaxis emergencies."

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