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Virtual Food Allergy Awareness Day in Albany 2022


Let Us Know You'll Be Joining Us

Your New York State legislators need to hear from you why allergy friendly legislation is so important to our communities. As you know, your friends and family are part of the following:

* 32 million Americans have life-threatening food allergies*
* 5.6 million of those are children
* Twenty-five to 30 percent of all anaphylaxis fatalities occur with no previous history of allergies+
* From 2007 to 2016 EMS diagnoses of anaphylactic food reactions rose 377%

Based on conversations with many advocates in New York and other states,  here are the pieces of legislation we'll discuss with legislators.

  • Teacher Training A523/S8093 Requires newly certified teachers to be trained in the use of an epinephrine auto-injector. Building on the success of School Authorize Stock Epinephrine and School Bus Driver legislation, teacher training is the next logical step.  For many years, you've proposed this legislation requires newly certified teachers to be trained in the use of epinephrine auto injectors. We hope this year is the year it passes.
  • Insurance A3324/S5983 Requires health insurance plans to provide coverage for epi-pens for individuals 18 years old and younger.  Your stories can encourage legislators to join the state of Illinois in passing this important legislation.
  • Cafeteria Workers A6167/S1043 Requires cafeteria staff to be trained in preventing and responding to anaphylaxis and that epinephrine auto-injectors be accessible in cafeterias with instructions displayed in multiple languages.  Require cafeteria workers to be trained and equipped to recognize and respond to an anaphylactic response in a student, faculty or staff in their lunch rooms. As most food allergic reactions happen in school settings, it makes sense that food service staff be trained and equipped to use epineprhine in an anaphylaxis emergency.

Let Us Know You'll Be Joining Us

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