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FACTS Food Allergies: Coping, Teaching, Supporting

The food allergy support group, FACTS, was started in March 2003 in Rochester, New York by Joy Leinenbach and Sandy Eckdahl. They are two mothers who were coping with food allergic children and knew that there were other families out there who were feeling the same things they were. Their goal was to create a group where families could give and receive encouragement, coping strategies, and food allergy information as well as educate the community (i.e. schools, day cares, restaurants, summer camps) about food allergies.

FACTS is an important support group for families afflicted with food allergies located in the Rochester area.


Food Allergies Research and Education Web site. The site features a tool that can help you locate a support group in your state that might be able to help.

Find An Allergist in your Area

Find an Allergist in your Area

The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, an Immunology (AAAI) proivde a usefule link to finding an board certified a allergist in your area.

Find Registered Dieticians in your Area

Nutrition is key to managing allergies.  EatRight.org provides a simple way to find registered dieticians in your area.

Food Allergies Research and Education (FARE)

From the right of students to self-carry epinephrine, to laws outlining requirements for the creation of food allergy guidelines for schools, to laws on labeling foods for allergens, there are a variety of food allergy-related laws and regulations across the country.

Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Connection Team

Whether you are newly diagnosed or a long-time member of the allergy community, FAACT is your home for education, advocacy, and connections with other parents and adults affected by food allergies and life-threatening anaphylaxis.

Food Allergy Food Labels

Print allergy food labels, posters and more to use as stickers, classroom door posters, school and lunch bag tags, and allergy aware notices; seasonal food allergy printable labels for all year round.

Food Allergy Management & Education (FAME) Tool-Kit

The FAME tool-kit is designed to help school nurses, school administrators, principals, teaching staff, support staff, school nutrition staff, parents/ guardians, and students with and without food allergies learn:

  • How to create a safer school environment.
  • How to recognize and respond to an allergic reaction.
  • Steps to avoid food allergens in the school environment.
  • Elements to include in a comprehensive school based food allergy program.

Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE)

FARE is now the most trusted source of information, programs, and resources related to food allergy and anaphylaxis. Its membership now stands at approximately 25,000 worldwide and includes fam ...

Food Allergy Tips for Parents and Children

For children living with severe food allergies — and for their parents — every meal and snack becomes a high-risk event....

Food-Allergy.org - Help and Hope

How to survive multiple food allergies and eventually thrive again. This website contains suggestions for how to manage food allergies as wellness information on Crohn's disease and inflammatory bowel disease.

FoodAllergyNY (FANY): Welcome!

We are a support group for families with food allergies in the New York Metropolitan area and beyond. We are not a professional or medical organization, and do not provide medical advice; please see our disclaimer for more information. Our mission is to provide our community with support and education through meetings, events, advocacy and other resources.


The gateway to all federal food safety information including meat, poultry, fish; eggs and dairy products; fruits and vegetables; food poisoning.

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