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Living With Allergies

living with allergiesHere are some organizations that are doing great work and providing information on how to live with allergies of all kinds.

MiniJect by Rx Bandz Information

Rx Bandz - Built for health. Styled for Life.™

Mylan Epi-pen Information

Please refer patients using the Epi-Pen who require supply and access information to the Website or the Customer Service line: 1-800-796-9526 They are set up to help patients locate pharmacies with the Epi-Pen in stock.

Sanofi Auvi-Q Information

Sanofi-Aventis U.S. LLC is one of the principle manufacturers of Epinephrine.  They supply EAI training devices without charge to the Anaphylaxis Community Experts project.

Select Wisely-Food and Travel Translation Cards

Food and travel translation cards for communicating allergies and other health problems. This is a useful service for individuals traveling overseas. Includes information about gluten and seliac disease.


School Kids Healthcare (SKHC) is your school nurse supply source. Save on school health supplies including first aid and bandaging, infection control products, teaching and training equipment, and much more.

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