Amulet Launches New Food Allergen Sensor Device

To have a life-threatening food allergy means you must be vigilant. Reading labels, asking restaurant staff what the ingredients in a meal are as well as its preparation. And it’s on going; you don’t get a day off from your food allergies. But now a new product provides additional help in your quest to stay safe; the Allergy AmuletTM described as “the world’s smallest and fastest consumer food allergen sensor that tests for common allergenic ingredients in seconds”.

Amulet Launches New Food Allergen Sensor Device

Woman holding an allergenic sensor device

By News Wire ~ 3rd Party Press Release

Amulet, the company making the world’s smallest, fastest, and sleekest molecular detection technology capable of sensing everything from pathogens in the air to pesticides in produce, today announces its official launch. Amulet is the company behind Allergy Amulet™, a consumer brand with a signature wearable that alerts people to allergens in their food, and Amulet Scientific™, a commercial brand that equips industry with a detection platform for identifying a range of molecular targets, including food toxins and environmental contaminants.

Amulet leadership is focused on scaling its existing products while pioneering industry applications for its powerful MIP-ELFS™ patented technology. 

“After launching Allergy Amulet, we soon realized that food allergies were just the tip of the iceberg,” said Abigail Barnes, Co-Founder and CEO of Amulet. “We wanted to establish a company that reflected the broad possibilities of our technology. The capabilities of our science are vast; we’re exploring applications in food safety, clinical diagnostics, and environmental contaminants.” 

  • Allergy Amulet ships: Allergy Amulet has developed the world’s smallest and fastest consumer food allergen sensor that tests for common allergenic ingredients in seconds. Its groundbreaking and patented technology fits on a keychain, a necklace, a wristband, or in a pocket, making it easy to manage life with food allergies and intolerances. After a successful pre-order campaign that sold out in four hours, Allergy Amulet will begin shipping its first units to pre-order purchasers this summer.
  • Amulet Scientific launched: Amulet Scientific launched in February, introducing the world’s smallest handheld and battery-powered potentiostat. The Amulet Scientific brand will focus primarily on commercial food safety applications.

*A potentiostat is an indispensable piece of equipment for developing sensors, energy storage solutions, and corrosion-monitoring technologies.  

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