Epi Near You New York Update

Epi Near You New York has achieved a milestone in its development. Co-Founder Jon Terry thanks JCC of Rochester and 12 Corners Apothecary for partnering with us to ensure broad based availability of epinephrine. As many organizations have done, staff from JCC Rochester took the course and received certificates of completion and a non-patient-specific prescription for epinephrine. Our new pharmacy partner, 12 Corners Apothecary then received the prescription written by a member of our Medical Advisory Board and dispensed it to JCC Rochester and Allergy Advocacy Association paid for it.

Epi Near You New York Update

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By Jon Terry
March 1st, 2023

Hello, everyone! Regarding our Epi Near You NY anaphylaxis emergency training program, at the end of February we successfully implemented a brand-new procedure for training, certifying, prescribing and funding a non-profit entity wishing to stock non-patient prescription epinephrine. For the first time we are now providing, at no charge, complete services to our clients protecting individuals and families with life-threatening allergies at risk for an attack of anaphylaxis.

Epinephrine entity stocking in New York state is permitted by law for public places where allergens may be encountered particularly foods, medications and insect stings. Entities include food service businesses, summer camps, community recreation centers, fitness centers, etc. Developed by Toni Taylor, co-founder of our association, the ENYNY program is based upon legislation amending public health laws that our association proposed and lobbied for in Albany. 

The Louis J. Wolk JCC Rochester in Brighton, NY is our first client having NPS epi available to their members for treatment of anaphylaxis. The JCC is a neighborhood community center featuring a state-of-the-art fitness and aquatics center. Conveniently located on acres of land in Brighton next to the Erie Canal, the JCC has pools, nature trails, playgrounds, and a community that is inclusive and diverse.

The Allergy Advocacy Association will provide, at no charge, all required services for NPS epi stocking: training staff members, arranging a prescription from a physician and granting funds to pay for the medication. We offer training to ALL individuals and entities but grants are ONLY available for entities having non-profit tax-exempt status. And we award grants only to entities, not individuals.

Best wishes to one and all!

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