Emergency Allergy Treatment Act Stalled In Albany

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Emergency Allergy Treatment Act Stalled In Albany

Greetings from Jon Terry, the founder of the Allergy Advocacy Association. Concerning anaphylaxis, life-threatening allergies and epinephrine, the Emergency Allergy Treatment Act did not pass during the 2015 legislative session. After extending the session for an additional week to conclude important state business, legislators went home for good just before the beginning of July.

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Results of New Peanut Allergy Trials Presented at EAACI Meeting

EACCI logoResults of New Peanut Allergy Trials Presented at EAACI Meeting

July 8th, 2015

The European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI) recently held its 2015 Annual Congress in Barcelona, Spain. FARE CEO Dr. James R. Baker, Jr. and FARE SVP of Research and Operations Mary Jane Marchisotto, attended the meeting, where new research findings about food allergies were presented. Of interest to the food allergy community, results of studies conducted by DBV Technologies and Aimmune Therapeutics were presented.

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Canadian study finds anaphylactic reaction in kids can recur hours later

Red Emergency SignCanadian study finds anaphylactic reaction in kid scan recur hours later

A recent study proves once again how important it is to receive medical treatment after a severe allergic reaction. Many times there is a second, delayed reaction that can be deadly. There are risk factors of who might be susceptible to a second reaction, but it’s always wise to play it safe and get to the emergency room just in case. Read all the details here.

Parents, doctors should watch for delayed 2nd reaction, Ontario researchers say

Jun 21, 2015
By Helen Branswell
The Canadian Press

A new study by Ontario, Canada researchers suggests about 15 per cent of children who have a severe allergic reaction that involves anaphylaxis can actually have a second reaction hours after the first. It warns that doctors and parents should be on the lookout for this type of two-stage or biphasic anaphylactic reaction.

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Food Allergy Awareness Day at Frontier Field

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June 15th, 2015

The summer season is here and so is the baseball season! The Rochester Red Wings have scheduled an allergy awareness event for the end of June at Frontier Field. The date is SUNDAY, June 28th; the stadium gates open at Noon; the game starts at 1:30pm featuring the Red Wings vs. Charlotte. 

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