E-Greetings from the Allergy Advocacy Association

June 2023

May was a very busy month in advocacy. Many thanks to the intrepid group of advocates who gathered in Albany for Food Allergy Awareness Day NY 2023, the first in-person event since the pandemic. With many new members in both chambers, it was great to introduce ourselves in person and share your concerns with legislators and staff.

With thanks to you for over 10 years of advocacy, a Teacher Training bill has finally passed the Assembly and Senate. Help get this bill to the Governor's desk by contacting Governor Kathy Hochul and ask her to request A7037a be sent to her to sign into law. Leave your request here (https://www.governor.ny.gov/content/governor-contact-form) or by phone at 518-474-8390.

While all of that was happening, Dave Bloom of Snack Safely has an idea for the FDA to simplify the FASTER Act implementation, which presents ongoing risks for food allergic consumers due to food manufacturers sidestepping the spirit of the law. In a promising development, a skin patch is being tested to help toddlers with peanut allergies build tolerance. Research also suggests that a mother's diet while breastfeeding could potentially prevent peanut allergies in infants by promoting oral tolerance.

Phew, a very busy and exciting month indeed. We’re looking forward to great things going forward!


What is anaphylaxis? How would you recognize an anaphylaxis emergency?  And would you know what are the right things to do? For many people, even those that have a life-threatening allergy, the answer is no. 

The Allergy Advocacy Association has a solution: Epi Near You New York anaphylaxis emergency training program.  This life saving program can be delivered via webinar or face-to-face. 

Upon completion you receive:

  • Free state approved training presentation, 
  • New York State recognized certification, and
  • Assistance for public entities to obtain a non-patient specific prescription for emergency epinephrine

Find more information on the importance of this training program here.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for your business, school, or group.

Best wishes to one and all!