Virtual Gala 2020

Thank you for your support!

Many thanks to all of you who joined our Virtual Gala & Silent Auction last night. Celebrating the work and impact of our honorees, Jared Saiontz with the Ruth T. Cornell award and Dr. Shahzad Mustafa with the John J. Condemi award was a great honor for us and we're very happy to share it with you.  If you were unable to join us, enjoy the video above. You can also find it on our Youtube channel.

With your help, we're able to continue supporting our allergy community with our two main programs, Epi Near You New York training program and promoting allergy supportive legislation in New York State.  Both programs will continue virtually until we can meet again.

Action Awards Gala is BOFFO!!!***

One and all had a fantastic time at the second annual Allergy Action Awards gala. With tables decorated with teal pumpkins, along with raffle baskets and goodie bags, we celebrated those who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to help keep our community safe. Read all about our award recipients and how proceeds from the event will help to continue our work on educating the community about what to do if someone is experiencing anaphylaxis. Looking forward to seeing you there next year!

By Suzanne Driscoll
October 27, 2019

The Allergy Advocacy Association Awards Gala was held at ARTISAN Works in Rochester NY on October 10th. Our audience enjoyed fabulous entertainment, food and fun!

Jamie Kosten, the 2019 Ruthie T. Cornell award winner (L)
Brenda Tremblay, Gala MC (R).

We honored Dr. Jeremy Cushman, developer of the Emergency Medical Services' Syringe Epinephrine Kit at the University of Rochester Medical Center, and Jamie Kosten who saved the life of his father, a beekeeper, from a life threatening anaphylaxis response to bee stings.

Proceeds from ticket sales will be used for training personnel at day care centers, summer camps, college campuses and other public venues on how to recognize someone having a severe allergic reaction and how to administer epinephrine.

Our association will look forward to seeing you at our next gala in the fall of 2020. Please see photos below. Enjoy!

John J. Comdemi MD Action Award
Susan and Jeremy Cushman MD the 2019 John J. Condemi MD
award winner (L); Jon Terry (R)
(L-R.) David Virgilio, Dody Terry, Fr. Rick Terry.
Randy Pollak (C.) & friends.
Action Awards Honored Guests!
(L-R.) Joy Leinenbach, Amy Wagner, Toni Taylor.

*** of a theatrical production or movie, or a review of one; very successful or wholeheartedly commendatory.
"a boffo box-office certainty"

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