E-Greetings from the Allergy Advocacy Association

October 2022

Fall means foliage, football and in the case of Allergy Action Awards, fun, Fun & FUN!

The Allergy Action Awards celebration will be held Wednesday, October 26th<\/sup> at 7pm VIRTUALLY on Zoom. Brenda Tremblay, classical music DJ for Rochester’s own WXXI 91.5 FM will be our MC extraordinaire again this year.

This year, the impactful work of Sandra Glantz and Thomas Silvera will be honored. Their efforts have made New York State safer for those managing life threatening allergies.

Gary Farrar, magician and mentalist

We’ll be joined by magician & mentalist Gary Ferrar for a hysterical virtual performance full of unexpected moments and unique effects. Gary has appeared on NBC, USA, and the Travel Channel, and is excited to blow our minds.

Click here or on the logo above to register for the evening and consider supporting your values by donating. Your generosity ensures your community is safer for those with allergies.

We hope you will be able to join us for a fun-filled evening as we celebrate the work of our honorees. See you soon!

What is anaphylaxis? How would you recognize an anaphylaxis emergency?  And would you know what are the right things to do? For many people, even those that have a life-threatening allergy, the answer is no. 

The Allergy Advocacy Association has a solution: Epi Near You New York anaphylaxis emergency training program.  This life saving program can be delivered via webinar or at your location. 

Upon completion you receive:

  • Free state approved training presentation, 
  • New York State recognized certification, and
  • Assistance for public entities to obtain a non-patient specific prescription for emergency epinephrine

Find more information on our Epi Near You New York training page.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for your business, school, or group.

Best wishes to one and all!

New Handouts from AAAAI: Food Allergy Stages

The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology has recently issued The Food Allergy Stages handouts to help families manage food allergies and teach children about food allergies. Dr. Anitha Shrikhande and Dr. Theresa Bingemann, two allergists serving on our Medical Advisory Board were instrumental in the creation and distribution of this timely information with AAAI.

New Handouts from AAAAI: Food Allergy Stages

A picture containing many foods — vegetables, fruits, cheeses, eggs and meat.

Different skills are needed for managing and coping with food allergies in daily life at different ages. The Food Allergy Stages handouts were designed to help families manage food allergies and teach children about food allergies at different developmental stages. Use the Food Allergy Basics for All Ages handout to learn about important information all parents should know when they have a child with food allergies. Use the Food Allergy Stages handout for your child’s age for specific tips on managing food allergies at their stage of development. Always speak with your child’s allergist if you have questions or before making changes to your child’s food allergy management plan. Find links to the hand outs below.

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Allergic Living’s Allergy-Friendly Halloween Candy & Treats List 2022

In the October issue of Allergic Living, new products are evaluated just in time for Halloween.

Allergic Living’s Allergy-Friendly Halloween Candy & Treats List 2022

A picture containing a pile of hay with pumpkins and a sign about Halloween treats.

By Christine Peddie
October 5, 2022

Allergy-friendly treats are the headliners for a hauntingly good Halloween. Plan ahead with Allergic Living’s Candy & Treats List, and you’ll have a wealth of tasty and fun goodies to hand out on the big day. 

Whether your ghouls thrive on chocolate or chewy sweets, you’ll find treats to appease all their cravings. 

At Allergic Living, we’re big believers in inclusion and letting everyone join in the fun. So stock up, then give in to the thrill of the year’s eeriest eve.

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With Introduction of Cow's Milk: "Timing is EVERYTHING!"

Did you know that cow’s milk is one of the most common food allergies in young children? Dr. Karen Switkowski, for the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, walks you through her study and recommending the best time to introduce children to cow’s milk safely to possibly avoid dairy allergies in the future.

With Introduction of Cow's Milk: "Timing is EVERYTHING!"

Karen Switkowski, PhD, MPH

Karen M. Switkowski, PhD, MPH
Sep 27, 2022

“Cow’s milk allergy is among the most common food allergies in young children, and cow’s milk protein is often introduced before any other allergens or foods, in the form of cow’s milk-based infant formulas,” explains Karen M. Switkowski, PhD, MPH. “In fact, many infants are exposed to formula within hours or days after birth. Our team was interested in studying how the timing of first milk exposure was related to later milk allergy symptoms, especially given all the recent research on peanut allergy that has led to new allergy prevention paradigms supporting the early introduction of peanuts at 4-6 months of age. We wanted to know whether the idea of ‘earlier is better’ also applied to cow’s milk.”

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Myths You Should Stop Believing About Allergies

When it comes to scary Halloween fables or fantasy films about ghosts or goblins, myths can be fun. If you have a life-threatening food allergy you need accurate information, not fairy tales. For news you can use for everyday life as well as the holiday season, check out this list of myths by Sandra Langel for the Health Digest.

Myths You Should Stop Believing About Allergies

Common foods which cause allergies on a table with a magnifying glass over them

By Sandra Langel
September 29, 2022

Approximately 20% of the population has been diagnosed with at least one allergy (via the Allergy & Asthma Network). Allergies result from your body reacting to an object as dangerous when it's not. Your immune system creates antibodies against the entity. When you are exposed to the item again, the antibodies release substances that cause you to have an allergic reaction (per the Mayo Clinic).

The objects that cause allergies are known as allergens and come in several forms, including things you eat, breathe, touch, or get put into your body, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA).

Between medical costs and the more than 4 million missed work days, environmental allergies cost Americans nearly $8 billion annually (via Allergy & Asthma Network). The JAMA Network gives a price tag of more than $25 billion yearly to food allergies. These costs go toward treating and managing the disease, as there is no cure (via the AAFA).

Allergic reactions present in several ways, including coughing, sneezing, runny nose, and scratchy throat. Other responses include hives and rashes. You could develop low blood pressure and trouble breathing if an allergic reaction is serious. If these issues are dealt with quickly, you could die, according to the AAFA.

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