E-Greetings from the Allergy Advocacy Association

September 2022

Time marches on! Summer is in our rear-view mirrors. Fall is looming on the horizon. And that means our Halloween festivities get under way.

The annual Allergy Action Awards event is fast approaching on Wednesday, October 26th at 7:00 p.m. EST on Zoom.

This year we’ll honor Sandra Glantz MSN FNP with the John J. Condemi MD award. Sandy is our primary volunteer physician presenter for our Epi Near You NY anaphylaxis emergency training seminars. She is a retired nurse practitioner who has personal experience and extensive knowledge about life-threatening food allergies.

The Ruthie T. Cornell award winners are Thomas and Dina Silvera, founders of the Elijah-Alavi Foundation, a memorial to their son Elijah who suffered a fatal attack of anaphylaxis. Sandy and the Silvera family have all performed exemplary acts of service aiding individuals at risk for anaphylaxis

You can register & donate here. (https://secure.qgiv.com/for/alladvassactawa202/ )

In addition to details about our event, in this issue we have articles about deficiencies with emergency medical kits on US airliners; tips on how to avoid foods with sesame; the latest updates for allergen-free snacks just in time for Halloween.

What is anaphylaxis? How would you recognize an anaphylaxis emergency?  And would you know what are the right things to do? For many people, even those that have a life-threatening allergy, the answer is no. 

The Allergy Advocacy Association has a solution: Epi Near You New York, a NYS approved emergency anaphylaxis training program. This life saving program can be delivered via webinar or face-to-face. 

Upon completion you receive:

  • New York State recognized certification, and
  • Assistance for public entities to obtain a non-patient specific prescription for emergency epinephrine

Register for the next session here on Wednesday, October 12th at 1:00 p.m. EST.

Find more information on the importance of this training program.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for your business, school, or group. 

Best wishes to one and all!

Gary Ferrar, Magician & Mentalist, Headlines Action Awards Virtual Celebration

Gary Ferrar, Magician & Mentalist, at work

We'll be joined by magician and mentalist Gary Ferrar for a hysterical virtual performance full of unexpected moments and unique effects. Gary has appeared on NBC, USA, and the Travel Channel, and is excited to blow our minds. He's done the same for the likes of Howard Stern, Robert De Niro, Amazon, Google, and Uber, among other globe striding companies. Speaking of globe striding, in this age of Zoom, he's also performed for audiences from California, to Germany, to Hong Kong.

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Surgeon Exposes Airline Medical Kit Deficiencies after Assisting with Flight Emergency

If you are traveling by air, have a food allergy and are at risk of anaphylaxis just how safe are you flying on an airliner? While in-flight medical emergencies are rare, the FAA requires airlines be prepared. Shiv Sudhakar reports that a surgical oncologist assisting in an in-flight emergency found issues with an airline’s preparation. Lianne Mandelbaum, founder of No Nut Traveler, explains how airlines should be prepared to assist their food allergic passengers.

Find out what the doctor found and to keep you & your safe on a flight.

Surgeon Exposes Airline Medical Kit Deficiencies after Assisting with Flight Emergency

Facing front of a jet

By Shiv Sudhakar
August 17, 2022

Dr. Andrea Merrill, a surgical oncologist in Boston, is raising awareness about the need for better airline emergency medical kits after a tweet of hers went viral recently.

She helped out on an in-flight emergency this summer — and learned a great deal.

Now, she's speaking out and hoping others step up to provide better equipment on board flights. Already, there has been response.

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12 Foods to Avoid if You Have a Sesame Allergy

Did you know that sesame is an ingredient in all kinds of processed food products?
It’s also one of the leading causes of dangerous food allergy reactions.
In 2023 the federal government will designate sesame as the ninth food allergen.

12 Foods to Avoid if You Have a Sesame Allergy

Rough bowl of sesame seeds

By Jay Wilson
August 25, 2022

When we think of allergies, we tend to cast our minds toward a few usual suspects: Pollen causing hay fever symptoms, animal fur making your eyes water, and potentially dangerous bee stings. But food allergies are also widespread, and amongst the more well-known food allergy triggers like nuts, wheat, and milk, there are a few allergens that are on the rise. 

Sesame is one such trigger. Once a lesser-seen allergy, sesame allergies have become way more widespread in the last few decades, and they now affect over 0.2% of U.S. adults and children, according to Food Allergy Research & Education. The allergy has become so widespread that beginning on January 1, 2023, it will be a requirement to label sesame as a potentially triggering ingredient on food packaging, as a major allergen.

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Back-to-School Updates: TONS of New Products!

Our friend Dave Bloom of SnackSafely.com has released the always anticipated updated list of safe food allergy and snack recommendations for the school year.

Check it out!

Back-to-School Updates: TONS of New Products!

Safe Snack Guide school bus with kids

Dave Bloom


Whether you’re sad the summer is coming to an end or dancing in the street now that the kids are headed back to school, there’s still the matter of what to pack for lunch and snack time if they have food allergies or attend allergen-restricted schools or classrooms.

That’s where we come in. For more than a decade, our allergy-friendly food guides have been used by thousands of schools and tens of thousands of families nationwide to help keep allergens out of the classroom and the home.

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